Ruby ‘Heart of Africa’

This outstanding hand carved ruby, reputedly the largest of its kind in the world, originates from Longido in Tanzania. It has been sensitively and minimally shaped and polished into a gentle organic form reminiscent of a Henry Moore sculpture in all its exquisite abstraction. 

Richly coloured and beautifully carved to preserve its distinctive appearance, this signature piece suggested the name ‘Heart of Africa’. The harmonious balance of colour and flowing form combined with the sheer skill required to work on the ruby, one of nature’s hardest gemstones, define this most impressive collector’s piece. 

‘Heart of Africa’ poetically reflects Henn’s focus on the natural quality, feel and colour of each gemstone in the creation of artworks which are both resonant and extremely precious.

Materials: 205000 ct ruby, unheated | Dimensions: 315 mm high

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