Rock Crystal Polar Bear

This superb quality rock crystal originates from the Karakoram mountain range in Pakistan. The slight inclusions of chlorite add a delicate textural richness to both the gemstone itself and the sculpture that it has inspired. It has been exquisitely hand carved with a majestic polar bear stretching gracefully up an iceberg on one side, whilst the other has been left virtually untouched, reflecting a rugged icy landscape.

Emerging seamlessly from the beautiful gemstone, this evocative matt-finish carving is superbly detailed including the powerful bear’s thick coat, characterful features and pure sapphire eyes.

A stunning collector’s piece which amply demonstrates Henn’s talent in blending the very best gemstones with the finest craftsmanship to create rich lifelike interpretations of animals, each imbued with a distinct personality, woven into an engaging sense of narrative.

Materials: 21000 ct rock crystal, sapphire eyes | Dimensions: 250 mm high

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