Axel Henn

Axel Henn’s approach to gems revolves around the premise that the exceptional minerals and precious stones that he is in contact with on a daily basis are both “gifts of the universe” and “heirlooms of the future”. In his opinion: “We can never really ‘own’ these treasures, we are only the curators for the next generation. With this comes the responsibility to thoroughly research and pass on details of provenance and also to preserve all the exceptional qualities and the beauty that nature has so generously given us.

A certified gemmologist and fully qualified gemstone cutter, Axel is involved in most aspects of the Henn business and is based at the headquarters in Germany. He oversees international transactions with distinguished gemstone dealers, museums, auctioneers and many of the world’s finest jewellery houses. He also manages the presentation of the family brand worldwide, including exclusive shows and exhibitions. His remit extends into the creative realms as well, with the development of a photographic archive which documents all of the company’s output over the last few decades.

Having grown up in the heart of the German gemstone business in Idar-Oberstein, Axel’s experience has been immersive and is further enhanced by over 30 years working in the trade. He is known and respected for his integrity, expertise and wide ranging understanding of the mineralogical, aesthetic and commercial aspects of exceptional natural coloured gemstones. His opinion is widely sought by investors, buyers and designers worldwide – from Germany, the UK and the rest of Europe to the USA, Asia and the Far East. 

Alongside his role at Henn, Axel is a member of the foundation board of DSEF (the German foundation for gemstone research) and a member of the advisory board of DGEMG (the German gemmological association), both based in Idar-Oberstein.