‘Waterlily’ Pendant

Henn of London’s Waterlily pendant blends contemporary sophistication with a distinctive Thirties feel. The exquisite 68.38 carat green beryl that inspired its design features the unmistakable work of renowned master carver Alfred Zimmermann. The graceful depth and flow in his exceptionally fine waterlily carving is subtly referenced in delicate hand engraving on the pendant’s side. This interplay between matt and polished surfaces is also reflected in the pendant design's contrasting shapes mixing soft geometric lines with the tenderly drawn natural contours of the waterlilies.

A 1.68 carat black spinel tops the piece, partially framed by diamonds. These also encircle the central gemstone. This refined detailing together with the delicately carved waterlily buds lends the piece a classic Art Déco style infused with a clean modern aesthetic, all very much in keeping with Henn of London’s signature design style.

Pendant in 18ct white gold with hand carved 68.38 ct green beryl, 1.68 ct black spinel, 1.10 ct diamonds (E/F-vvs), hand engraved.

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