‘Serenity’ Pendant

Henn of London’s ethereal seahorse pendant draws its name from the soft ocean blue of a 57.86 carat chalcedony gem. This beautiful stone inspired the creation of an exquisite hand carved sculpture, a delicately depicted seahorse with a spirit all of its own.

Brought alive by a perfectly detailed silhouette and pure blue sapphire eyes, its aquatic setting is evoked by the glistening sparkle of finely contoured seaweed caught in the sun’s rays. The sculptural twist of the seahorse’s tail is further defined by a wash of diamonds which disperse harmoniously onto fine strands of algae swaying gently in imaginary waters.

The 18ct white gold piece is further embellished with hand engraving and enamelling in a masterful alliance of expert craftsmanship and inspirational design.

Pendant in 18ct white gold with hand carved blue chalcedony 57.86 ct, diamonds (E/F-vvs) 1.70 ct, blue sapphire eyes, hand engraved and enamelled.

 From the Henn of London Archive

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