‘Spirit of the Sky’

Dynamic and meditative, inspired by ancient Chinese scholars' rocks and viewing stones, 'Spirit of the Sky' is both bold and subtly balanced, like a microcosm of the universe. 

It is formed from translucent Brazilian morganite harmoniously combined with a spectacular East African aquamarine. The latter has been shaped to emphasise its rich and varied surface which is offset by dense pools of pure turquoise and luminescent crystallised depths. Organically sculpted yellow gold connects these exceptional gemstones, elevating the aquamarine so it can be appreciated from every angle. 

Morganite and aquamarine both belong to the beryl family, an association which adds to the piece’s synergistic appeal, alongside sympathetically balanced colours and an elegantly understated presentation. 

This masterfully composed Henn artwork featuring superlative gemstones breathes a simplicity which holds profound depths, an extraordinary and inspirational piece to be treasured for generations.

Materials: 35600 ct aquamarine, 10400 ct morganite, 18ct yellow gold | Dimensions: 450 mm high

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