Sapphire Tropical Shoal

The tropical fish in this visionary contemporary sculpture emanate from a large blue sapphire from Ethiopia with an unusually deep hue. The dense natural colour of the exceptional gemstone from which they have been hand carved can be fully appreciated in the textured scale patterns and flowing shapes of the lively shoal.  

The piece is rooted on a base of luminous rock crystal and reflects graceful movement as its fish glide through undulating gold algae embellished with diamond bubbles. 

Sensitive illumination will further enhance the sheer beauty of this precious sapphire and diamond objet d’art, highlighting the oceanic depths of an extraordinary gemstone.

An exceptional statement piece from Henn’s studio and workshop, all the rarer for being masterfully carved from a single sapphire, which exhibits both an immaculately rich colour and quality.

Materials: sapphire, diamonds, 18ct yellow gold, rockcrystal base | Dimensions: 620 mm high

All measurements are approximate

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