Moonstone Cabochon Ring

Fluid lines and fine feathered detailing define this 21.69 carat Tanzanian moonstone cabochon ring. It has been set in 18ct white gold to complement the deep chatoyancy of its stunning central stone. This luminous precious gem with its covetable blue shimmer plays with motion and light, producing an optical phenomenon known as adularescence. Subtle shifts, from deep azure to soft greys and opalescent whites, are caused by visual interactions with ambient illumination within the stone’s matter – as the light falls between its layers, they appear to scatter in diverse directions, creating an enchanting iridescent effect.

The oval moonstone’s rich tones are enhanced by a delicate hand engraved feather design that flows around this distinctive modern ring, its colours reflected by fine enamelling in subtly graduated pastel shades – from light blues into lustrous whites and soft greys with hints of pale pinks and mauves.

Ring in 18ct white gold with 21.69 ct Moonstone cabochon, hand engraved and enamelled.

From the Henn of London Archive

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