Coloured Cabochon Rings

Excellent quality cabochons are now something of a rarity and they remain firm favourites, having always played a part in Henn of London’s design repertoire. The very best stones are integrated into rings which offer classic sophistication and visionary allure, with a focus on each gems’ inherent characteristics.

Often presented in groups, such as they are here, the cabochon rings’ colours flourish alongside each other, with inspired settings that elegantly embrace each of the precious stones at their heart. Clients might fall in love instantly or commission something new based on a multitude of choices.

This refined trio exhibits all the top qualities. They are sumptuous, tactile, playful and versatile, each ring having its own distinguished sensibilities. These combine with a natural elegance that translates perfectly from casual to smart and day to evening attire.

Our first ring features a round moonstone cabochon from Tanzania with a fabulous blue shimmer; the second and third, both oval shaped, are equally tempting and resonant, a pink and a green tourmaline. This trio is created in 18ct white gold, pavé set with diamonds that highlight the tonal depths of the central signature gems.

Other rings within the coloured cabochon collection are set in yellow gold, rose gold or platinum. Whichever precious metal is used, these highly collectable pieces of jewellery always focus on the central gemstone. Their setting might be minimally defined, sometimes by pavé set diamonds, it may also include subtle hand engraving or delicate enamelling, should the client desire. This considered attention to the finest detail may extend down the ring shank, enhancing the jewel’s shape and form, whether that might encompass subtle curves or a more linear design. The choice is entirely yours.

Ring in 18ct white gold with 9.19 ct moonstone cabochon, diamonds (E/F-vvs) 0.26 ct, hand engraved shank; Ring in 18ct white gold with 18.86 ct pink tourmaline cabochon, diamonds (E/F-vvs) 0.30 ct, hand engraved shank; Ring in 18ct white gold with 12.02 ct green tourmaline cabochon, diamonds (E/F-vvs) 0.19 ct, hand engraved shank.

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