Mixed Sapphires

Henn have assembled a handful of eminently precious unheated sapphires in the most attractive array of colours, all the more scarce for their size as well as their sought after natural hues. Clockwise from left: an exquisite oval sapphire from Sri Lanka which exhibits a highly desirable rich and complex blue with tantalising hints of purple; a stunningly luminous and clear yellow oval sapphire from Sri Lanka; a very rare cushion-shaped velvety Kashmir-blue sapphire from Burma; a crystal clear oval ruby in just the right shade of red with a hint of purple from East Africa; and a hard-to-find remarkably toned and exceptionally clear purple cushion-shaped sapphire from Madagascar.

12 ct oval blue sapphire, unheated | 16 ct oval yellow sapphire, unheated | 11 ct blue sapphire cushion, unheated | 6 ct oval ruby, unheated | 11 ct purple sapphire cushion, unheated

All measurements are approximate

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