Beryl Quartet

Carefully curated by Henn, a quartet from the beryl family, each piece exhibiting superlative qualities and the very best provenance. Clockwise from left: a hard-to-find, impressively large cushion-shaped heliodor from Ukraine in the perfect shade of green; an extremely rare, exquisitely clear and vibrant blue-green beryl from Africa with a real sense of presence; a stunning Madagascan pink morganite trilliant, the cut itself being a rarity too, with its multiple facets creating lively tonal fireworks; and an exceptional oval aquamarine from Mozambique, exhibiting a particularly intense blue colour.

837 ct heliodor | 576 ct blue-green pear-shaped beryl | 61 ct morganite trilliant | 31 ct oval aquamarine

All measurements are approximate

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